Author Visits

  • I travel extensively to speak about my books, both with young people and at library gatherings for children and adults. Click the accompanying links to find more information about my programs, fees, and other details. Feel free to contact me with special requests for modified programs or alternative topics. All of my presentations—from old favorites to one-time creations—are paced and constructed to meet the individual needs of each audience.

    Audience feedback on Ann Bausum's programs:

    "Great nonfiction author!"
    —Middle school librarian, New York

    "The program was one of the best we have attended."
    —Public library board member, Wisconsin

    "Excellent program. I had students stopping me the rest of the week to tell me how much they liked it."
    —Middle school librarian, Tennessee

    "[The program] was great, and the kids enjoyed it very much!"
    —Elementary school librarian, South Dakota

    "Ann was the most organized author we've had the pleasure to work with."
    —Middle school librarian, Tennessee

    "It doesn't get better than this!"
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

    "Ann knows her audience well and can adapt when needed. She obviously enjoys interacting with students and is first-rate with middle school students...Ann was so accommodating...When the threat of bad weather arose, she contacted us immediately and was very flexible in planning...She did four presentations, which I'm sure was exhausting, but she was full of energy for each one of them!"
    —Middle school librarian, Wisconsin

    "I loved how both presentations fused humor and the writing process and appealed to audience members of all ages!"
    —Literacy coach, Wisconsin

  • On the Trail of History

    A program for children grades 3-8
    by Ann Bausum

    What is it like to be an author? How is writing nonfiction different from writing fiction? What goes on behind-the-scenes in order to make a finished book?

    Children gain an insider's look at the process of making a history book from the perspective of the book author. I talk about how I became an author, where I get my ideas, and how I do my research. Children learn about the personal connection I bring to my topics, the hundreds of hours of research that take place before I write a single word of a book, and how I go about finding the historical photographs that illustrate my works.

    I use personal stories about the creation of each of my books, including works in progress, to help students understand my life as an author. The program concludes with some basic advice for budding writers (including a pitch for spelling practice) and the opportunity for children to ask questions about my books and the process of writing. Each presentation is targeted to best serve the grade level of the audience.

    Length: about 40 minutes for program, 10-15 minutes for questions

    Technical requirements: LCD projector and projection screen

    Audience feedback on this program:

    "Ann is very knowledgeable and a great presenter. She was patient with students and answered all questions. Her PowerPoints were well done and complimented her topics. Great non-fiction author!"
    —Middle school librarian, New York

    "Thank you for your emails prior to the visit and following up after your visit. Just yesterday, in a staff meeting, a fifth-grade teacher made a connection with your presentation. I continue to receive positive feedback!"
    —Elementary school librarian, South Dakota

    "The program was well matched to the [11th-grade] audience because you know the curriculum needs for the variety of age groups addressed. The pictures provided strong visual focus to maintain interest in the topic."
    —High school librarian, South Dakota

    "...well-planned and presented. It was interesting and engaging. Using one of her books to illustrate each step in the process created a lot of interest in reading more of them for the students."
    —Middle school librarian, Wisconsin

    "[This] excellent presentation takes audience through the research, writing, and publication process. Students were engaged, and are making connections with their own writing now!"
    —Middle school librarian, Wisconsin

  • Sharing Themes of Social Justice with Young People

    A program for educators and children's book authors
    by Ann Bausum

    Books like Freedom Riders and With Courage and Cloth present themes of social justice to young readers. I'll provide background on my passion for this genre of social history and share my strategies for bringing these stories alive. What techniques can be used to introduce disturbing content—such as violence and intolerance—to children? How can the use of illustrations enhance the telling of history? What challenges does an author face in conveying the risks and hopes of individuals who have fought for social justice? How can these stories inspire today's young people to stand up for tolerance and understanding?

    Length: minimum of 50 minutes, 10-15 minutes for questions

    Technical requirements: LCD projector and projection screen

    Audience feedback:

    "Great insights into how to share themes of social justice with students."
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

    "Ann is incredible—what a treat to have her share her own awesome history and her personal journeys as an adult."
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

    "Excellent! [Ann] definitely knows what she is talking about!"
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

  • Making History Matter for Young People

    A program for educators, librarians, and children's book authors
    by Ann Bausum

    Why does history matter so much to me, and why should it matter to young people? This program reveals the personal connection I have to American history and to the topics of my books. I offer five practical steps that I follow—and you can, too—in the effort to connect young readers with the relevance and drama of our nation's past.

    This program makes an excellent keynote address for conferences and will inspire participants to sweep away the cobwebs from history and bring the past alive for the young people in their lives.

    Length: 40 minutes for the program, 10-15 minutes for questions

    Technical requirements: None

    Audience feedback:

    "People were absolutely delighted with your presentation—teachers, historians, planners! You were on target with topic [and] mixed your presentation style with slides and examples. Top notch!"
    —Director of an education resource center, Delaware

    "This workshop was inspiring! I can't wait to share this with my students!"
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

    "It doesn't get better than this!"
    —Participant in workshop for educators, Illinois

  • Writing Nonfiction for Young People

    A workshop for children's book authors
    by Ann Bausum

    Immerse yourself in the realities of writing nonfiction for young people during this day-long workshop. I explore four essential themes during a series of illustrated, interactive sessions that examine:

    •  Techniques for identifying book-worthy topics
    •  Research methods, including how to construct a bibliography of credible sources
    •  An introduction to photo research techniques
    •  A discussion of the logistical and financial realities of writing nonfiction.

    This workshop is geared for intermediate-level writers who are committed to working with nonfiction topics but may not yet have been published. Enrollment is limited to 20.

    Length, options, and additional fees: Full program requires eight hours and the expanded program fee of $4,500.

    Any one of the four sub-topics may be presented in a two-hour session for the standard conference fee of $2,000.

    An optional manuscript critique (up to 25 pages) may be offered to workshop participants for an additional fee of $75 per submission. A written critique will be provided to participants following the workshop with the option for one follow-up phone consulation, as needed.

    Technical requirements: LCD projector and projection screen; Internet access (for photo research presentation)

    Audience feedback on this program:

    "...[Ann] presented an absorbing and instructive look at the breadth of her research, how she organizes it, and how she applies it and cites it. Very useful for teachers, students, writers, and booktalkers. Ann is an interesting and eloquent speaker."
    —Host, Minnesota forum for authors

  • Fees and other logistics

    School visits:
    All-day visit (three presentations), $2,500
    Multi-day visit, per day, $2,250
    Travel expenses are additional.

    Adult programs, library visits, book festivals, and conferences:
    Single program, $1,500
    Book festivals, per day, $2,250
    Conferences, per day, $2,500
    Travel expenses are additional.

    Virtual visits:
    Contact me for details about my availability and the pricing for author visits using web-based technologies such as Skype.

    Contact Information:
    Ann Bausum

    Phone: 608-563-0538


  • Book Signings

    All programs include the option of book signings. You may purchase books directly through me at a discount and resell them at your event. Or, in some cases, I can bring extra books with me to the event; this stock may be used to fill advance orders or for on-site purchases.

    For more information, contact me.

  • Speaker Requirements

    All bookings must be confirmed with the author's written speaking contract. All obligations should be set forth in this agreement. Additional last-minute requests may not be accommodated. Should overnight accommodations be necessary, they should be in commercial establishments, not private homes. Author will supply background information as needed, and sponsor will handle all promotional efforts. All technical requirements, as noted for specific programs, must be met. A microphone is required at all full-day bookings.

    Payment for appearances is expected at the beginning of the event—no exceptions. No recording shall be made of the event without the consent of the author.